The tunnels for storage of round hay bales are an excellent way to store hay and save up to € 150/ruminant during the course of 1 year.

It is well known that ruminants consume a large amount of bulky animal food for feeding, which is physiologically essential and therefore the most important factor for their survival, health, and production. Grown and young animals must be fed high quality hay on a daily basis. Since hay is, beside grazing, the staple food for ruminants, it must of course be of the highest quality. Depending on the feeding technology, cows and other cattle categories receive a certain amount of hay (from 2 to about 15 kilograms) per food portion. Nowadays, the feeding of both dairy cows and beef cattle with corn and grass silages is widespread, but they have to be provided with hey alongside every food portion. Calves must be provided with high quality hey during their development phase.
For this reason hay is a particularly important cattle feed, which is why it must be ensured in sufficient quantities. Its quality must above all be taken into account, especially during winter, when livestock does not graze that often. Through proper hay storage in tunnels, we preserve its nutritional constituents, achieve better hay quality, improve its odour and taste, and increase milk production by 40%.
In addition to the storage of round hay bales, our tunnels can be used to store field mechanics, various processing material, etc.

Tuneli za spremanje rolo bala sijena i poljomehanizacije
The tunnel can also be executed in a double metal construction with lined up tubes, with the galvanized tubes (Ø 60/2 mm) mounted on the tube supports (Ø 54/4 mm). The tubes are executed in a double version up to the crossbeam.
Sliding doors – Possibility of installing sliding doors which can be executed on both front walls or according to the client’s requirements.
High-quality 680 g/m2 tarpaulin of the German manufacturer Mehller
The object can be anchored as follows: wedges in the ground, asphalt or dowels in concrete.


The calculation examples for the difference between stored and non-stored hay can be found in the article of the author mr. sc. Miroslav Kovač, dipl. ing.: “Hay – Valuable Cattle Feed for Ruminants”.

Tunnel specifications

The double metal construction of the object ensures a better resistance to wind blows, and its parabolic shape facilitates the sliding down of snow, which significantly reduces the pressure of the snow mass. Our tunnels are constructed with a width of 10m and 12m. Their length runs in an even number and according to the client’s requirements, whereby the height up to the crossbar is 4.2 – 4.5 m.


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