An excellent solution for the storage of wood products and components. This kind of storage enables the natural through drying and drying of wood, as well as the protection from external influences such as sunrays, wind, rain, and snow.

The side walls are made of perforated tarpaulin, which allows a constant airflow. If necessary, the side walls can also be rolled up. The roofs for wood through drying are also constructed in a double metal structure, as well as the multipurpose storages, which provides them with the required strength and durability.

Nadstrešnice za spremanje i prosušivanje drveta
Deareator – Extends along the entire object length, which is why interior condensation is maximally avoided.
Double construction – Made from galvanized pipes which were reinforced by pressing a black tube (Ø 54 mm/4 mm) into an external galvanized tube (Ø 60 mm/2 mm). The transverse tube is reinforced as well. The side walls enter into a triangular grid to the transverse tube, which represents a powerful construction. The construction can be anchored in the ground or asphalt with wedges or in concrete with dowels.
Door curtain
On the side walls, a “mesh” (perforated) tarpaulin is installed, which can be rolled (pulled) up.
High-quality 680 g/m2 tarpaulin of the German manufacturer Mehller

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