Multipurpose warehouses

Our prefabricated warehouses are multi-purpose and can be used to store agricultural machinery, raw materials, various work machines, devices, vehicles and other goods.

A vent is installed along the entire length of the structure, thus preventing internal condensation as much as possible
Quality 680 g/m2 tarp by the German manufacturer Mehller.
The structure is double – made of hot-dip galvanized tubes that are reinforced in a manner that the black tube with phi 54mm/4 mm is pressed into the outer galvanized tube with phi 60mm/2mm. The cross tube is also reinforced. The sides go into a triangular lattice to the cross tube which makes for a strong structure. The foundation of the structure can be anchored using wedges in the ground or asphalt or securing into concrete.
Sliding doors – sliding doors can be installed on both fronts or, according to the customer's needs, we also install them on the sides of the structure. Structurally, the doors are designed as a hanging sliding door, and the size of the door opening depends on the width of the structure, i.e. the size of the door opening can be half the width of the structure; the height of the sliding door is equal to the height of the cross beam of the structure.
Entrance door with a wicket door (small door for people to enter) – serves for the individual entrance of a person, so that a large sliding door does not have to be opened, and it can also be locked. They can be placed anywhere on the structure, with dimensions 1 X 2 m.


Quick delivery, fast assembly and long service life of the structure.

The option of expansion in accordance with the growing requirements for storage space.

Arosa Grande is a synonym for high-quality, durable products. Tunnels for storage of hay are made of galvanized steel covered with high quality polyester fabric.

Our multipurpose warehouses are also resistant to heavy loads from wind and snow.

Innovative anti-condensation solution – air vent along the entire length of the structure.

Arosa Grande installs a vent along the entire length of the warehouse, thus preventing internal condensation as much as possible.

The warehouses are also made in a double metal construction in a manner that the lateral outer sides are reinforced, i.e. the tube ø 54 mm/4 mm is pressed into the outer galvanized tube ø 60 mm/2 mm, which gives our warehouses exceptional strength.

According to the customer’s needs, in addition to sliding doors on both fronts we also install side sliding doors as well as small doors for people to enter.


What is the price of Arosa Grande structures per square meter?

The price per square meter depends on the type and area. Since each structure is specific and customized to the customer’s preferences, unfortunately, a general price list is not available. The sales team prepares a quote or provides an estimated price within a maximum of 5-10 working days after receiving all the necessary data for the calculation.


What is the estimated time of delivery of the structure?

The time of delivery is determined on case-to-case basis – depending on the current workload of our company and the size of the structure. The usual time of delivery for structures is from 45 to 60 days.

How long is the warranty and lifespan of the structure?

The warranty period for PVC cover is 5 years.

According to our experience, lifespan of the structure is not limited, since the structural components are galvanized and can be used for up to 30 years without any problems.

How to prepare the terrain?

The terrain should be as flat as possible. It is necessary to level the terrain with a maximum drop of up to 2% in width and height. The tunnel can be placed on compacted sand, crushed stone, asphalt or concrete. The required thickness, or load capacity of the soil, depends on the width, load capacity of the structure and the customer’s requirements.

Which colour is recommended for the PVC cover?

In most cases, we recommend a white translucent tarp in the middle of the roof, while the rest of the structure is green, grey or white. This combination allows sufficient sunlight within the structure without additional artificial light, thereby reducing operating costs. Other colour combinations from the manufacturer’s range are also available.

Is it possible to add an advertising sign or logo onto the structure?

We can add an advertisement (at an agreed price) if the customer sends us an advertising sign or logo in a suitable digital format. After we get the logo and the preferred dimensions, we create a draft and send it to the investor for the approval.

Are the structures made of steel or aluminium?

All Arosa Grande structures are made of steel profiles, since steel can withstand greater loads and has better technical properties than aluminium when used for a structure. The steel structure is usually hot-dip galvanized or (at the customer’s request) painted.

Can Arosa Grande structure be connected to an existing building or a facility?

YES, but in this case a special calculation is required, and all data on the existing building must be submitted.

Are Arosa Grande structures manufactured in Croatia?

YES, all Arosa Grande products are manufactured in Croatia using materials of certified EU origin.

Is it possible to subsequently move the structure to another location?

YES. The entire structure is welded during the manufacturing process and bolted on-site. The structure can be disassembled.

What to do if the tarp gets damaged?

We can make a replacement. The client bears the following costs: disassembly, assembly and finishing works.