Our montage storages and roofs for the loose housing of ruminants are extremely functional objects in stockbreeding because they have a solid outer construction made of double-pressed tubes. The interior of the objects is flexible, which is why the boxes can be exchanged in accordance with the needs of the breeding process.

In addition to the boxes, our barns also contain an area for a feeding table, a mud track, and, depending on the client’s requirements, a slanted plate. Another special feature are the moveable side walls, which can be opened and closed depending on the needs and weather conditions.

The roofs for livestock and barns provide shelter for ruminants in case of bad weather conditions, the possibility of additional feeding, and much more. These objects have proven to be the most optimal solutions for the loose housing of livestock throughout the entire year.

Staje i poljske nadstrešnice za stoku
Deareator – Extends along the entire object length, which is why interior condensation is maximally avoided.
Double construction – Made from galvanized pipes which were reinforced by pressing a black tube (Ø 54 mm/4 mm) into an external galvanized tube (Ø 60 mm/2 mm). The transverse tube is reinforced as well. The side walls enter into a triangular grid to the transverse tube, which represents a powerful construction. The construction can be anchored in the ground or asphalt with wedges or in concrete with dowels.
U-profiles are welded onto the construction, so that clients can set up boards that prevent the direct contact of the cattle with the tarpaulin.
Sliding doors – Sliding doors can be executed on both front walls or according to the client’s requirements. They can also be located on the side walls of the object. In terms of construction, the doors are designed as hanging sliding doors. The door opening dimensions depend on the object’s width, i.e. the door opening dimensions can be half of the object’s width, with the sliding door’s height corresponding to the object’s crossbar height.
Entrance door with keyhole (small access door) – Serves as an entrance for people to avoid having to open the large sliding door. It can also be locked and executed anywhere on the object, with dimensions of 1 x 2 m.
High-quality 680 g/m2 tarpaulin of the German manufacturer Mehller

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