The company Arosa Grande d.o.o. (Ltd.) was founded in 2008 and carries the seal CROATIAN PRODUCT with pride. The company’s main activities are the manufacture and assembly of tunnels for the storage of round hay bales and field mechanization, multipurpose storages, roofs for the storage and through drying of wood, barns, and roofs for wild stock.

We have assembled the first Croatian tunnel for round hay bales and field mechanization. Its quality and affordable price have conquered both the Croatian as well as its neighbouring markets.

The multipurpose storage is our most popular product. Its application ranges from agriculture, trade, and crafts to industry.
Roofs for the storage and through drying of wood have found their application in the wood industry, where they have become an indispensable part in the storage process of wood material and other wood products. Barns and roofs for livestock are our other products that offer optimized solutions for agriculture, especially stockbreeding.
From the very beginning, our company’s activity has involved numerous experts, from agricultural and chemical engineers to civil and mechanical engineers. Their professionalism and enthusiasm have made a major contribution to the development of our company.

The company Arosa Grande d.o.o. has been well accepted both by experts and by clients. It is them we receive positive reactions and the confirmation of the quality and functionality of our products from.